18 Le Roc Foucaud


Chambres d’hôtes/ grand gîte/ Salle de reception/ Grand suite


Welcome at the Roc FoucaudThe 200 year old mansion consists of 30 bedrooms and 2 apartments, 60 beds. Groups may rent the whole house as a group accommodation, including a ballroom of 200m2. The Besbre River runs along the 4 hectares of the estate. We have many outdoor activities and we are open all year for your marriages, group activities and seminars. Families are welcome too in our Bed & Breakfast, apartment or campsite.

Le Roc Foucaud
Route du Breuil (D7)
03120 Saint Prix
Tel : +33 470 967705
Email : info@lerocfoucaud.com
Internet : www.lerocfoucaud.com