Jardins et Chevaux

Hello holidaymakers, dear holidaymakers,

Did you know that it is possible to have fun with friends or family in Mayet-de-Montagne?

Indeed, Jardins et Chevaux, farm discovery, offers an original activity combining horse and nature. A universe where the beings and the elements are in osmosis. A fascinating world where old meets modernity. A bucolic landscape opens her arms to you.

A garden cultivated with love and respect fort Mother Earth. Participate in grooming, understand the harnessing, watch us working the ground. Will you take the guides when leaving the garden? A snack (option) awaits us at the end of the activity to continue our exchanges.

Wish to come ? Make an appointment and we will welcome you with the greatest pleasure.

Emmanuel Ponsignon
Jardins et Chevaux
Chez Demon
03250 Le Mayet-de-Montagne
Tel : 04-70 56 70 20 / 06-45 27 32 18
Email : eponsignon@jardinsetchevaux.com
Site Internet : www.jardinsetchevaux.com Website in French only