06 Cimes Aventure


In a forest of 102 hectares located at 1 km from La Croix du Sud, between Roanne and Vichy you will find an adventure parc in the trees, were you can have some incomparable sensations, because of its forte declivity. There are 80 workshops, ludic and athletic, a monkey bridge, a gangway for trappers and of course a Tarzan jump, similar to a bungee jump, will you be able to controll your fear for this empty space ? Cimes Aventures also offers 17 workshops for children, completly safe with a life line for our future adventurers. One price and no time limit, just to have sweet dreams.

A picnic area, an uninterrupted view on the Roanne basin, and Alpes in clear weather, a real breath of fresh air is waiting for you.

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42310 St-Bonnet-des-Quarts
Tel: 06 3279 36 90