Those of us who run a restaurant will receive you in a convivial atmosphere. Spend a few pleasant and warm moments, with a nice drink and enjoy the authentic and tasty meals, inspired by local products. Try the menu’s, put together with a personal touch by our cooks. Every restaurant has its own specialities, meant to please the taste buds of young and old alike.

Auberge du Précontent

Arfeuilles (situated at the D25 between Croix du Sud and Chatel Montagne)
Traditional kitchen
Restaurant open for lunch, dinner on reservation onl;y. closed mondays and tuesdays
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Auberge Les Campanules

Communne La Chabanne, center of the village.

Restaurant open for lunch
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Camping Les Myrtilles


Communne Saint Nicolas des Biefs La Goute Haon near La Verrerie

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